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Samford and Sons: Indiana Basketball Game Thread

The Hoosiers take on Samford and former coach Bennie Seltzer.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

The Hoosiers take on Samford and I really just want to post this game thread and the video but even as a site manager they only let me be some much of a minimalist. So... Indiana will be taking on the Samford Bulldogs tonight on the Big Ten network as they go for win #2. They'll be looking to do so in much more convincing a fashion than earlier in the week against LIU Brooklyn. Samford has some nice pieces to put up a battle, but Indiana should be too long and talented to allow them to hang around for long. If they do though, there is enough talent on this team to put up a fight if they get some confidence. The Hoosiers can't let that happen. They need to jump out early and get Samford into a play from behind role. That might mean actually hitting a shot outside of 5 feet in the first half. Join me as we watch that hopefully occur.