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Hoosiers vs. LIU Brooklyn: Game Thread

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Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana takes on LIU Brooklyn in game one of the 2K Sports Classic but game two of the season. For the first time this year, everyone is going to get to see this one. Big Ten Network has been hosing us on our Hoosier viewing power over the first three games, but this one will be on the Big Ten Network.

Indiana will be looking to try and stop a high paced guard heavy squad that shoots well and tries their best to get out into transition. This feels like a game that will play right into Indiana's hands. They're significantly longer than the Blackbirds and being a team of mostly freshmen and sophomores they'll be more than happy to try and out athlete you. I'm not certain that it is going to be another 80+ possession game like against Chicago State, but it will be quick.