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Indiana defeats Penn State for First Time: Post Game Thread

It took some time for Indiana to finally ink a win against Penn State. 20 years to be exact, but boy did the Hoosiers earn this one.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Well it took 20 years, but it has finally happened. Indiana defeated Penn State by a score of 44-24. Certainly 44 points is a lot of scoring and Indiana's offense should get some credit for this game, but the majority of the win goes to the Indiana defense. CB Tim Bennett and LB TJ Simmons especially had some great games. The fact that Bennett didn't come away with a pick is somewhat disappointing. He was all over the place.

A lot of credit goes to the defensive line as well. They didn't only just hold Penn State to less than 2 yards a rush on nearly 40 carries, but they got into the backfield to wreak havoc on Christian Hackenberg when throwing the ball. All around just a very impressive game for this young Hoosiers defense. A lot to feel confident about going forward.

So, take the night to enjoy this. It was a good victory over a pretty good football team. Have a beer and watch the rest of the evening of college football knowing that Indiana is going into next week against a vulnerable Michigan State team with the opportunity to make a big statement with their first road game.