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James Blackmon Jr. Re-Commits to Indiana

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Indiana pulls off the ultimate turnaround in their recruiting class by going out and reeling back in James Blackmon Jr. after his de-commitment in August. The Hoosiers now have a full class, but we can't be certain that they're finished.


After his de-commitment late this summer, 2014 SG James Blackmon is back in the fold. You've got to give Tom Crean and staff a lot of credit on this one. They worked their butts off after Blackmon's de-commit to bring him back into the fold. Despite odds being stacked against them. (Something like only 5% of de-commits, recommit). Some of the biggest players in the region came calling in Kentucky, Michigan State, Kansas, Michigan and North Carolina even threw out an offer. Tom Crean quite literally lost the guy and then beat everyone in the nation to get him back.

Ultimately it came down to Indiana and Kentucky. It appeared for quite some time that it was a given he would wind up at UK if they offered. His father played there in the 80s and one of his close friends and former Indiana commit Trey Lyles is more than likely to end up there as well. Needless to say there were plenty of factors in play to lure James to our mortal enemies to the south.

Instead, Blackmon will be playing alongside classmates Robert Johnson and Max Hoetzel at Indiana. With a semi-decent chance that Yogi Ferrell leaves before his senior year, Johnson and Blackmon will have plenty of opportunity to grow at the point which is ultimately a skill they're going to need if they plan to play professional basketball in the United States.

Going forward, we're probably looking at Indiana continuing to stay in contact with some other recruits (Jaquan Lyle) until they know exactly what is going to happen with this current roster. Could be that they need a 4th guy for this class depending on roster performance, but I'm going to guess they slow play until the spring signing period to know what they need. Until then, Indiana fans should be very happy with this class that Tom Crean has put together.