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The Ballad of the Old Brass Spittoon

If you want to get pumped up for Saturday, but need to feel cultured while doing so, you're in the right place.

Come round, all you Hoosiers, and try not to swoon

As I tell you a tale 'bout the Old Brass Spittoon.

In the Fall of '13, in a town called East Lansing

With Hoosier Fans still enjoying post Penn State dancing

Sparty worried, and fretted, and worried some more

That Cream and Crimson clad warriors were headed for his door.

His eyes fell upon a trophy so brassy

It could even make the town of Ann Arbor look classy.

What a trophy it was! What a sight to behold!

It's sheen somehow made Michigan winters less cold.

Sparty preferred when Ol' Brassy and Paul sat side by side

And in vain from the Hoosiers did Sparty go hide.

But alas, IU found him, led by Sudfeld and Bolser

And ran all over him like a bulldozer.

After the game 'twas #victorybacon for all

In celebration of that mighty green menace's fall.

Once again Ol' Brassy will be home at the Rock

And the critics will the Hoosiers continue to shock.

Football fervor in Bloomington is nearing its high

And our time to break through the glass ceiling is nigh,

So on Saturday, my fellow Crimson Quarry users,

Be vocal in cheering your Indiana HOOSIERS!