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2013 Hoosier Stan Robinson Improving at Findlay Prep

The final 2013 class recruit mid-season report profiles Stan Robinson's improvements since moving all the way out to Las Vegas from DC to attend the top ranked high school team in the nation in Findlay Prep.

Andy Lyons

Stan Robinson's commitment wasn't necessarily a surprise when he first pulled the trigger this summer, but the timing was. Robinson was being courted by several programs and made a visit to Bloomington. Within a week he had pulled the trigger for the Hoosiers and has been shredding it on the courts since. What Robinson's commitment to IU said in context is that getting a kid onto campus in Bloomington is a game changer. He went from a slight IU lean to a commit very quickly after his visit. Bloomington's campus has a ton to offer and recruits realize that.

As for the basketball court, reports out of Vegas are that Robinson has improved a great deal since his arrival. He plays on an absolutely loaded basketball team so much like your Indiana Hoosiers, opportunities to just stuff the stat sheets aren't as prevalent. In the end this is a good thing for IU. Robinson is going to come onto a talented and diverse Hoosiers squad that has a lot of options. At that point Robinson will already know how to contribute in more ways than a box score measures. Some kids aren't good at adjusting to not being the man. Robinson will already be a seasoned veteran of team play.

Findlay Prep first year coach Todd Simon has on several occasions spoken highly of Robinson on ball defense and skills as a perimeter defender. If Stan can come in and just be a defensive stalwart from day one he'll have been worth every minute of the recruiting process. If he can exceed that with his offense then there is potential for Stan to be a fan favorite pretty quickly.

Robinson is a lefty wing that seems to just be improving with every report of him. The weak spot that has consistently interfered with his offensive game has been his lack of aggression with the ball in his hand. It is starting to sound like he has remedied that situation and has become much better at knowing when to be aggressive and when to defer. If he can hone that to perfection in college then there is certainly the potential that he can be one of the more well rounded players in the game.

Hoosiers fans should be excited to see what Stan can do for Indiana. I'm not sure exactly where he's going to fit as a freshman because of the roster uncertainty for next year, but he can come in and at least provide very strong depth minutes. If Oladipo leaves he can slide right into the role that Remy Abell is currently serving now. Getting about 30-35% of the minutes at the wing spots to help push the tempo on a rundown first string of the opposition or their second string can improve already strong depth for Indiana.

With the addition of Stan, the pressure that Tom Crean and the Hoosiers can put on opposition perimeters both offensively and defensively could be considered just plain unfair. Defense doesn't necessarily win championships but with Stan Robinson it is going to allow Indiana to improve on controlling the tempo of the game to keep their offense firing in transition.