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Tre Roberson suffers horrific injury in IU-UMass game.


The good news: IU has played its best half of football in...well, certainly in the Wilson era, perhaps longer than that, even considering the opponent. IU leads 38-6 at halftime, but the Hoosiers' excellent performance has been overshadowed by what looked, to my amateur eye, like an obvious broken ankle or broken lower leg. It wasn't apparent in the (grainy) live action shot from ESPN3, but when a hardnosed coach like Kevin Wilson bolts from the sideline to the goal line to attend to an injured player, it obviously wasn't a garden variety "ding." The replay showed Roberson's lower leg bending 90 degrees. An ambulance drove onto the field to take Roberson away.

This is tough news for the program, but primarily for Tre Roberson personally. Barring an incredible recovery or an injury that wasn't what it looked like, Roberson won't play another game that counts for 51 weeks. Also, he's a 19 year-old young man who may be stuck in the hospital hundreds of miles from his family and teammates. It's bad all around. Again, I don't want to take the focus off of the injured player on to the fans, but who could imagine, two hours ago, that a 38-6 lead could feel so hollow.

Still, the team responded very, very well. The defense got a quick stop and Cameron Coffman led a nice scoring drive immediately, and followed with another. He can play, and what seemed like a fortuitous late pickup during recruiting season seems even more important. Let's hope Roberson can bounce back as quickly as possible, but I'll be shocked if we see him before 2013.