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Blogpoll, week 5.

Alabama remains number one, but there was plenty of movement elsewhere.

Jonathan Ferrey - Getty Images

Here's the Blogpoll post for week 5. I'm somewhat surprised that LSU dropped two spots just because of a close call against Auburn. I was heartened to see that the poll at large did the same thing to West Virginia that I did--dropped them a few spots. Other notes:

  • I'm way higher on Texas than the poll at large, and way lower on TCU.
  • The poll ranks three teams I don't: Northwestern (bad karma, I know), Rutgers, and Ohio U.
  • I rank three teams the poll doesn't: UCLA, Boise State, and Virginia Tech.
  • There are four Big Ten teams in the top 25: #14 Ohio State, #20 Michigan State, #22 Northwestern, and #24 Nebraska.
  • Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Purdue, and Ball State are in the "receiving votes" category in that order. Yep, that means every other FBS team in Indiana shows up in some fashion.