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Coming soon: SB Nation United.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an image of The Crimson Quarry’s new logo and noted that major changes would be coming to the site soon. That set of changes, known as "SB Nation United," will be arriving in the near future. As the name suggests, SB Nation United will involve a more uniform appearance and functionality across the various SB Nation sites, including team-specific sites like this one, regional sites, and the main site, and whether you are viewing the sites on a computer, phone, or tablet. First, it’s important to know what won’t change. You’ll be getting content from me, AJ, and Devin just like now. Fan Posts, Fan Shots, and game threads will still be an important part of the sites. There will be differences, however.

First, the layout is going to be different. Instead of the straight, reverse chronological format that has been the standard before, the top of the page is going to look something like this:


There are a variety of formats that will allow us to feature one or more major stories at the top of the page, and won’t necessarily result in big stories getting pushed down the page immediately by, say, my week 5 Blogpoll ballot. That’s not to say that the venerable, reverse chronological weblog format is going to disappear. That still will be available below the "cover." The appearance of the site will be quite different, but it should be for the better. I think you will enjoy the cleaner, less cluttered appearance of the site, even if it’s different. Finally, it’s no secret to those with SB Nation HQ, those of us who write for the sites, or for regular readers, that SB Nation sites have not always been a model of fast load times. A major reason for the redesign is to improve that part of the experience as well.

I’ve had the chance to play around with the site in beta form. It will be a learning experience for those of us on the inside, but bear with us and I’m sure it will be a change for the better.