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Dan Dakich Claims Trey Lyles Visited Kentucky Before His Hoosier Decommit


Dan Dakich on his daily radio show stated that he has "reliable sources" telling him that Trey Lyles, while still committed to Indiana, visited Lexington on an unofficial visit in late July. Dakich did not go as far as to hint who his sources were and only claimed that he trusted the information. If this is indeed factual then UK committed a violation in the recruitment of a prospect.

According to the website Informed Athlete on unofficial visits you "cannot visit campus during a dead period." This would mean that John Calipari and Kentucky allegedly committed a major recruiting violation as the dead period ran from the first week of July all the way through August 1.

Dakich also hinted at the decommitment of Lyles coming on the back of Lyles' father, Tom Lyles, not being promised an assistant position at Indiana University. Whether any of this is true is still in question and info keeps coming across the Twitter wire pretty regularly over the last hour or so. As more media starts to weigh in (read: Jeff Rabjohns of Rivals) and check in on things we'll update this post. As it currently stands though, you can pretty well guarantee Trey Lyles will never be an Indiana Hoosier.

As things have continued to unfold throughout the day several media members have been weighing in on the subject and adding information as well. Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports added to the discussion that he had been hearing rumors of the same from several different sources but was never able to confirm the information himself.

Lyles' coach at Indy Tech, Jason Delaney tweeted "Please don't believe everything you hear because I am disappointed that Trey continues to get attacked with unproven rumors" Of course Delaney is going to defend his player, I'd be disappointed in him if he didn't but the wording certainly is interested. The word unproven seems unnecessary but perhaps I just took too many psych classes in my time at IU.

Kyle Neddenriep posted on the Indy Star blog some comments from Tom Lyles in regards to the allegations.

"Last Saturday, a week ago from tomorrow, was the first time that Trey has been on the Kentucky campus. That's the only time he has been on the Kentucky campus."

It now appears to be turning even uglier as Tom Lyles is now threatening to sue Dan Dakich over the on-air comments. According to Corey Albertson of Rivals' Kentucky blog, Tom Lyles has informed Rivals that the family will be looking into seeking legal action against Dakich.

Either way this appears to be going south fast. The entirety of the Lyles camp got very defensive very quickly when those comments from Dakich hit the air and I'm certain there will be plenty more to come as this media storm is still very young.


It should be stated that as a fairness to Dakich that while still on the air, Dakich pointed out that he was not aware it was a dead period. He stated on the show that he was only relaying the information and wasn't looking to get anyone into trouble. These comments were provoked by a tweet he received during the show that suggested that he turn the info he knows into the NCAA.