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Top 10 Recruit Trey Lyles Decommits from the Hoosiers and Reopens his Recruiting Process

Per his head coach at Tech High School Jason Delaney (see his Twitter account), Trey Lyles has opted to re-open his recruiting process. Now before anyone runs screaming about the sky falling I don't think this is a panic moment. This isn't Gunner Kiel where an obvious top tier recruit has much better options. Trey Lyles doesn't necessarily. According to Delaney, Lyles' #1 is still IU and he's been nothing but a huge supporter of the school since he committed but let's look at the facts.

Trey Lyles committed to Indiana before he ever played a high school game. Indiana is all he has ever known. I think this move by Lyles is actually probably smart for the kid. He never had the opportunity to compare what else was out there. He received an early offer from his dream school and took it. Now that he is coming into his junior year of high school and is a legit top 10 prospect he has the ability to look around. Might as well be open and honest about the situation rather than shadily sneaking around to other schools.

In the end, I think Lyles will eventually re-commit to Indiana. It really is probably his best choice. The hometown team with brand new facilities and a die hard fan base that also happens to be a national contender will be hard to beat by any other school. But, don't expect this to be a quick peek around and then a quick recommit. This should still be a nail biter and somewhat worrisome. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows, but in this bloggers relatively uneducated opinion Lyles will come back into the fold.