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IU Men's Soccer wins Biliken Classic

The Hoosiers upset Host St. Louis 2-1 on Friday, and yesterday trounced Cincinnati 3-0 to walk away with two wins in their first two games. I frankly expected them to come away from the first game against St. Louis with a tie, at best. And truth be told, that's probably what they should've had as the Bilikens outshot the Hoosiers and had more dangerous chances. But Luis Soffner made a great solo save on a breakaway and Harrison Petts cleared a shot off of the goal line to make a strike by Eriq Zavaleta and an own-goal by SLU (admittedly, off of a dangerous cross by AJ Corrado) stand up for the win.

Zavaleta went on to score two more goals against Cincy on Sunday, following his own miss to score his first (with the first opportunity generated by transfer TJ Popolizio) and then squaring away a PK. Following up on a hot off-season, back Caleb Konstanski scored as well off of an assist from Jacob Bushue. Zavaleta's making me look good for picking him out to have a starring sophomore year. Who isn't making me look good is the make-up of the back-line, with former midfielders Kerel Bradford and Dylan Lax getting starts alongside Konstanski and Matt McKain. Additionally, off the bench came back #24 Drew Schall, who appeared in his first match after transferring from Evansville. I didn't mention him in my preview as I wasn't sure he'd be eligible this year.

Next up, the Hoosiers face Clemson this Friday night at 7:30. Notre Dame and San Diego State open the Adidas/Credit Union Classic at 5 pm. I'll actually be in town and am hoping to make the 2pm San Diego State game on Sunday.