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SB Nation Blogpoll ballot, preseason.

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With college football season just a week away, it's time to resume the Blogpoll, the college football poll comprised of bloggers from around the college football world and which serves as an alternative to the media polls. One of the primary ways in which the Blogpoll differs from other polls is that we are supposed to post our ballots far enough in advance that we can take feedback from readers about teams we have overrated or underrated. For the uninitiated, the Blogpoll was founded by Brian Cook of Mgoblog and is now administered by SB Nation. Hard as it is for me to believe, this is my sixth season as a voter. I'm still waiting to cast my first vote for the Hoosiers (I could taste it when IU led late in the Big House in 2009). My preseason draft ballot is below, with a caveat.

First, ignore the Week 19 thing. This is the preseason poll. Second, I never know quite what to do with a preseason poll. I love college football. I follow the Big Ten closely and the college football season at large. But I don't follow it to a sufficient degree to know, for instance, whether to expect Oklahoma State or Stanford to be better this year. So, in many respects, my poll tracks the preseason AP poll with various adjustments based on little more than hunches. I'm a little higher on Oklahoma than the media voters. I'm not quite buying Michigan yet. But these aren't firmly held beliefs. So, my preseason ballot isn't worth much, but in exchange, I promise to follow the season closely and do the best job I can to ensure that by early October, by ballot is a fair representation of what teams have accomplished, not what they are expected to accomplished. All that said, fire away!