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Ron Patterson will not enroll at Indiana.

IU's bench is now a bit thinner.
IU's bench is now a bit thinner.

Ron Patterson, the first second member of IU's class of 2012 recruiting class, a/k/a "The Movement," will not be enrolling at IU. This comes from all of the expected sources: Peegs, ITH, Dustin Dopirak, Adam Zagoria. The details are not entirely clear, and we may never know. Zagoria says that Patterson will not be coming because he does not meet "the school's" academic standards. Peegs makes similar allusions behind his paywall. ITH, on the other hand, mentions that Patterson may well be able to enroll at another four year institution, which suggests that this isn't an issue of NCAA eligibility.

In short, based upon the current, limited state of knowledge, I suppose there will be plenty of speculation. Those who were sure Crean was looking to unload someone will see an obvious conspiracy, especially if it is IU's academic standards, rather than those of the NCAA or Big Ten, that led to Patterson's apparent ineligibility. On the other hand, perhaps it was a true blindside. In any event, it's unfortunate for Ron Patterson most of all. Patterson was IU's second commitment of the 2012 class (Peter Jurkin was first), and he bet on IU in August 2010, a really low time in IU's basketball history. I hope that this is all above board, but I also accept that we're probably never going to really know, and also won't know if there was a contingency (e.g., Hulls or Elston walking on) beyond this. Regardless, best of luck, Ron, and hopefully you will find your way back to IU in 2013 if it's in the cards.