Concerning the Penn State Situation

So I'm currently very bored at work, and I wanted to get a discussion going about all the stuff going on at Penn State. I've been reading some Penn State blogs and such in the last couple days (well, not blogs plural, mostly just Blackshoe Diaries) and they really piss me off to no end. I hope the majority of PSU fans don't share the same opinions as Blackshoe Diary readers. It seems like all the BSD readers want to do is blame the media and general public opinion for the punishments about to be handed down to them. They have this conspiracy theory that the Freeh report is mostly false. It's like they're all throwing this big pity party for themselves and how they (the fans, players, current students etc.) will be punished even though they didn't do anything wrong or know anything about it. So give me your thoughts about all things Jerry Sandusky/Joe Paterno/Penn State/the punishments being handed down later today. Should they get kicked out of the Big Ten? I would love to get some Big Ten fans from other schools to chime in too.

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