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Tom's Team

On May 17 life changed drastically for one of Indiana University's own. Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for Soccer, Women's Basketball and the Track and Field team, Tom Morris was in a catastrophic cycling accident. Tom was out mountain biking when on his final lap of the day he flipped over his handle bars, cracked his helmet nearly in half and lost all feeling in his arms and legs. Tom laid there in the woods for three hours before someone found him. He was rushed to the hospital and after several days was moved to the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana. A month into his rehab process he is in high spirits and seeing good gains in his physical condition. It is still uncertain whether Morris will ever walk again but his strength and mobility in his upper body has improved.

If you would follow the link to Indiana Daily Student's recent article on the process they go into much better details than I can. If you would like to support Tom in his rehab process or donate you can help Tom's Team achieve their goal of raising $20,000 to help Tom and his family deal with the mounting expenses of his rehabilitation. You can reach Tom's Team via Facebook or contribute on their webpage. For anyone in the Bloomington area there is a raffle and fundraiser at the Village Deli in Bloomington on June 13.

If you can't help with money, please take the time to say a prayer or send good vibes Tom's way.