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Hoosier Recruits to Watch For: Trevon Bluiett

I hate undefined or obscure phrases that are used to define players. Vince Young/Tim Tebow and the "he just wins" moniker was just a way of uneducated or lazy writers/fans to explain how despite being absolutely shitty in performance their teams were still able to eek out victories. Using such phrases is unimaginative and lazy. With that being said Trevon Bluiett just scores. He just does. It is in his nature and he’s been very good at it this spring against some top flight competition.

Luckily for you all I’m not going to just leave it at that and move on. Bluiett scores in a variety of ways and makes most of them look effortless. He’s a very deadly shooter from behind the arc but even at 6’5" he can step inside and battle very well in the post. He would never be a primary option down low at the college level but he certainly does a lot of things right down there. This is why I would classify him more as a SF than the SG that many recruiting rankings have given him. Because of his physical stature he projects as a SG but his skill set screams SF to me.

Shooting is easily Bluiett’s strong suit and he’s part of the reason that Yogi Ferrell excelled so well at Park Tudor. Because of Bluiett and some of his other teammates assists were pretty well automatic if Yogi could find the open player. Bluiett this spring has been the leading scorer in the EYBL for a absolutely loaded Spiece team that includes top 10 player Trey Lyles, Top 15 Jaquan Lyle, and high major prospect Jonathan Wilkins all playing up a year along with Bluiett and then 2013 Purdue and Indiana State commits Bryson and Brenton Scott. Through 14 games against some of the best the class of 2013 has to offer Bluiett is shooting 50% from 2 and 44% from 3. Meanwhile he pulls in about 4 rebounds dishes out nearly 2 assists a game and turns the ball over less than once per game. He’s been fantastic and national programs have come knocking because of it.

Originally it was thought that he was Indiana’s to lose. He was sitting front row at Perea’s game in Indy this past December when I was there and he knows the benefits of playing with Ferrell more than anyone. However, the national programs are starting to work their way into the picture. Florida has been rumored to be putting a hard press on them and Bluiett is now taking their calls. Purdue, Butler and at least 5 other programs have been reported to be suitors as well.

Trevon took a campus visit to Indiana yesterday. Those of you who are Rivals premium subscribers can check out how the visit went and what Bluiett has to say about where the Hoosiers currently stand.

Therefore, it should be an interesting process for Bluiett. This summer will be the likely time for when some of the big dogs like a Duke or Kentucky come calling and it will be interesting to see if Bluiett is open to the possibility. It sure would be tempting for anyone. So keep an eye out for Bluiett to add some more eye popping numbers in the summer session of the EYBL. He’s just now starting to get the recognition he deserves and it could work against IU. They were the favorites for a kid under the radar, but now they’re a favorite for a kid blowing up. Those are two very different positions in the world of recruiting and may have an effect on the outcome of where Bluiett ends up. If you ask me though, I’d say he’d look pretty solid in some candy stripes.