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IU Baseball Falls to Purdue in Big Ten Championship: Bench Clearing Brawl Ensues

Well that was eventful. Indiana's underdog season came to a close tonight on a punchy note. The game ended with Purdue on top 6-5 after a brawl in the ninth inning. Indiana had a rundown going in the top of the ninth where they threw out the lead runner, threw the ball away, allowed a run to score and then tagged a base runner out at third. The play was chaotic for certain, but a blatant slide by Purdue's Eric Charles with the intent to take out Michael Basil's knees turned into a royal rumble.

We shouldn't let the fight take away from Indiana's fantastic season this year. With all that has happened with the youth movement in Indiana, I don't think one would be overly optimistic to think that the conference might have to go through Indiana next season. We should all congratulate Tracy Smith and company on a pretty awesome 2012 season and hope to see them improve on it next year.