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2013 SG Stanford Robinson Commits to the Hoosiers

Well that didn't take long. About an hour and a half ago we learned that Stanford Robinson verbally committed to play for the Hoosiers. He is now the fourth commit for the 2013 class and the third commit for Tom Crean from the Washington D.C. area. Crean has started to establish quite a pipeline from a region of the country that I would place easily in the top ten and closer to the top five in basketball talent production.

Robinson will be a key asset and the heir apparent to Victor Oladipo whether he goes pro this next year or waits to finish his senior year with Indiana. Either way, Stanford Robinson will be waiting in the wings to prove he has what it takes to continue the Hoosiers trend at high level SG production. The addition of Robinson also pushes Indiana into a top 5 recruiting class to date for 2013 and an argument could be had for top 3.

Robinson is certainly a great get and his enthusiasm for the program was pretty immediate. He was quoted as stating he now goes from recruit to recruiter which is great news for anyone wanting us to land his teammate BeeJay Anya. Robinson enthusiasm extends beyond recruiting as he plans to do something special for the Hoosiers when he arrives. Already buying into the banner talk, he certainly is playing to the fan base by telling Jeff Rabjohns of, "I expect us to hang banners. As long as we're all still there together, all I expect is for banners to be hung."

Us too Stanford, us too. Until then, welcome to the fold young man and we hope that the Hoosiers as fans can be everything you expect of us. Here's to a very entertaining and national championshipy future.