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Hoosiers Assistant Coach Bennie Seltzer Hired as Head Coach at Samford

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Assistant coach Bennie Seltzer will be moving forward in his coaching career from IU. Seltzer has been awarded the head coaching position at Samford. Seltzer was an assistant coach at IU for its entire rebuilding process. He followed Crean from Marquette after being a part of that staff for two seasons. Prior to Marquette, Seltzer had been an assistant for another Indiana coach. Seltzer was an assistant under Kelvin Sampson at Oklahoma.

This is an interesting development in the world of Indiana basketball as there could be some ripples across the recruiting-sphere because of it. Seltzer was the lead on recruiting highly touted 2013 big man BJ Anya and the status of Anya’s relationship with IU could now be in question. IU has been to see Anya in the last week but it can’t be certain who is taking the lead in that recruitment and how it will affect it.

Likely the guy to slide in and replace Seltzer on the staff will be Director of Basketball Operations, Calbert Cheaney. I truly believe this move was inevitable from last year and a vacancy in the staff was all anyone was really waiting on. Cheaney, if actually receiving the position, will now be able to make recruiting trips off of campus, something that wasn’t afforded to him as DoBO. I expect him to become the lead in scouting and recruiting for the staff now with Coach Crean having heavy involvement as usual.

Seltzer may not be the only fallout from an incredible turnaround season though. Tim Buckley has been mentioned for the head coach opening at Central Michigan and Steve McClain according to Jeff Rabjohns is in the mix for the position at SMU. If another position or two opens up I’m not sure who will be there to fill it. I said it on senior night and I’ll say it again. I think Kory Barnett will be one of those guys. Tom Crean is incredibly fond of the player and he’s always talked of wanting to coach. If another assistant goes, I’d say Barnett will get his chance.

Another potential replacement that went viral quickly is AJ Guyton. Guyton currently coaches a semi-pro team in Central Illinios and announced over Twitter that he would be sending his resume to Crean. Guyton, if you remember, was incredibly vocal and critical of his relationship with the University over the last several years. I don’t think that won him any favors in Bloomington, but who knows. Perhaps the Director of Basketball Operations job would be a low risk option. I think bringing in former Knight guys could only be good for the Tom Crean era in Indiana.

In the end, Indiana’s staff may become a victim of its own success. The staff will be picked over by the end of the month and we may have to learn a whole different set of coaches. Luckily, Crean had enough foresight to have some ducks in a row before the year began. It turns out putting Cheaney in the position he was in this last season will be one of the best things Crean did in a season where IU won 27 games.