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Kenny Johnson Hired to Assistant Coach Vacancy **Updated**

Congratulations to Coach Kenny Johnson formerly & Univ for moving on to University of Indiana what a great accomplishment

The above is a tweet from Kingston Price. Price is the head coach of the stellar AAU program Team Takeover which was a former program of Assistant Towson coach Kenny Johnson. Johnson interviewed for the open IU assistant coaching position last week and was spotted at the basketball awards banquet this past Thursday. So while this is still unofficial and we haven't heard from the school as to the hiring yet. It appears that this is legitimate and Johnson has been brought on the staff.

Johnson worked on the coaching staffs of Paul IV High School in the D.C. area for several years all while coaching with AUU powerhouse Team Takeover as well. Johnson should provide a major boost the recruiting front over the summer and fill in quite nicely for the departure of Bennie Seltzer.

As of right now this is still all alleged and we haven't had official word from IU yet. Check back here for confirmation when we finally do.

** Justin Albers of Inside The Hall has reached an IU spokesmen for confirmation the spokesmen said "no". So again still officially unofficial. There is plenty of smoke but no fire quite yet.

*** Dustin Dopirak of Bloomington Herald Times is reporting that IU working to finalize this hiring.