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Hoosiers Recruits to Watch For: BeeJay Anya

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BeeJay Anya’s recruitment has been a bit of an anomaly to this point in his high school career. It is hard to get a good read on where Anya holds IU in his list of possible candidates. Anya is an incoming senior out of powerhouse DeMatha HS in Washington D.C. For those of you that think that DeMatha sounds familiar, it is because there is already a relationship with the school for Indiana. Victor Oladipo is only two years removed from attending the school himself. Hopefully right there is a great in to the recruitment of Anya.

Anya has been described as an "aircraft carrier" by national recruiting analysts. Even after slimming down 50 lbs. from his highest weight he is still a massive 6’9" 260 lbs. He uses his size well both offensively and defensively. Despite not being overly tall he’s a center through and through. Anya has shed weight and increased his conditioning throughout the past year and runs the floor much better than when he was at his heaviest.

What we need to look for in his summer session is increased offensive moves. He’s survived on offense by just being physically abusive to other kids his age. Or as I like to call, Shaq-ing them. He’s just such a big kid that most his age are not capable of handling him. On the defensive end his skills are more than just physical. He’s so long that he can block a lot of shots but he’s fundamentally sound there as well. He’s not out of control trying to defend shooters, which is something that is tough to learn when you just have such a large physical advantage.

Overall, IU fans need to watch more than just how Anya’s game and recruiting improve throughout the summer. IU’s coaching changes among the assistants could influence this situation as well. Bennie Seltzer was the lead on the recruitment of BeeJay and is now no longer with the staff. However, IU is interviewing Kenny Johnson (assistant at Townson) and former head coach of Anya’s AAU program for the vacant assistant coaching position.

If Johnson were to land the position it would put IU in an even better position than it already is to bring Anya to campus. Hoosier fans should pay close attention to this development because it could mean a leg up in the east coast recruiting for the future. Until that gets figured out though, IU fans are just going to have to sit back and wait.

Watch for Anya to increase his finesse abilities around the basket and keep a close eye on his motor and conditioning. If all of that is to improve over the summer then he’ll be a huge get for whichever of the 16 schools he’s "narrowed" his list down to already. Indiana definitely has his ear but is going to have to work hard to keep there as he improves. The big dogs have already come calling for Anya with this recruiting battle we may learn whether IU is one of those big dogs now or if they’re still a few years away from eating at the big kids table on the national recruiting trail.