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Hoosier Recruits to Watch For: Luke Fischer

Luke Fischer is the 140th rated prospect in the 2013 class according to, but that is likely about to change. Fischer is a prime candidate (along with Devin Davis) for a fast riser in his class.


Let me take a minute to toot my own horn, as I have a huge ego and it needs stroked. That above quote was stated back when Fischer first committed to IU on New Year’s Eve and the IU world was scratching its head about accepting the commitment of a player that was rated so low. Fortunately Tom Crean and I (see again, ego) were paying enough attention to see that Fischer had some great potential and solid fundamentals to build on. Now he has played in one tournament already against some of 2013’s top talent and he looked very good doing it.

Luke Fischer just finished up a weekend championship run in the Swish N’ Dish tournament in Milwaukee. Fischer’s team went 4-2 over the entire tournament and Fischer had to compete with some of the most versatile and dominant post players in the nation. Fischer was forced to bang with Jahlil Okafor (#4 player in 2014), Jabari Parker (#1 in 2013) and Alex Foster (2013 PF) and by all reports did so quite effectively.

Over the weekend he held his own against some elite prospects and showed off some of his new found skill and athleticism as well. Fischer is attributing his playing school volleyball in the fall for the noticeably more explosive game that he has around the rim this past season. Jeff Rabjohns sat in on several of his games this weekend and stated...

"Fischer is stronger, faster and has more bounce - somewhat attributed to playing volleyball in the fall. He runs the floor with more authority, scores in more ways and defends the post better, utilizing quickness and length against brute force. He plays with more confidence, makes decisive moves, finishes more moves in the paint and can pass from both the interior and off screens a step or so outside the high post."

This what we Indiana fans need to watch for more out of Fischer as the spring and summer progresses. We already knew he was very fundamentally sound and it seems that his added 2 inches since his last official measurement at 6’9" are causing him any awkwardness. So we have to expect for him to hone his skills and show that he can continue to compete defensively with some of the best post players in the nation. If he does that then there is no doubt that he’ll be up there in the ratings and a potential instant impact player when he comes to campus in 2013.

Look for some solid highlight videos coming from tournaments across the country as Fischer’s well balanced Wisconsin Swing team compete strongly in every tournament they’re in. Fischer’s improvement in athleticism has him making some great plays above the rim and he’s been fearless from all account. At one point he was apparently posterized by Jabari Parker and the next trip down the floor he wasn’t fazed a bit as he we went up and made an impressive block above the rim. That’s the kind of mindset he needs to continue with if he is going to make him climb into the national spotlight as a late blooming recruit.