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Indiana sweeps Purdue, Big Ten Tournament bracket set.

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It wasn't a pretty second half, but that's why it's nice to go to halftime with a 15-point cushion. The Hoosiers' shooters lit it up in the first half, and in many respects it played out like the game in Mackey, with Purdue making a late run that the Hoosiers held off. I'll have more to say about the game tomorrow. For now, let's reflect on IU's comeback season: 24-7, 11-7 in the Big Ten. Three wins over teams that were ranked in the top 5 at the time IU beat them. A 5-0 record in games that could plausibly be considered rivalries: Purdue (x2), Kentucky, Notre Dame, Illinois. Five double digit wins in five games against teams from Indiana. This hasn't merely been a return to relevance; this is one of the most successful regular seasons in the post-1993 era.

The Big Ten Tournament bracket is indeed set: IU is the 5 seed, playing Penn State at approximately 2 p.m. Thursday. If IU wins, the Hoosiers will play four seed Wisconsin at approximately 2:30 on Friday. Michigan State, despite blowing the outright Big Ten title by losing at home to Ohio State today, remains the #1 seed, and will play the winner of the 8/9 game, which features Iowa and Illinois. It should be a fun couple of weeks around here. Stay tuned.