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NCAA Tournament Open Thread Sunday Edition

With IU already comfortably into the Sweet 16 we get the chance to sit back and relax and watch some basketball today. This is the open thread for such an activity. The remaining B1G teams that have yet to punch their ticket to the Sweet 16 are Michigan State and Purdue. The Spartans get the St. Louis Bilikins while Purdue has the incredibly tall order of knocking off the Kansas Jayhawks.

I know I'll probably get flak for this, but I'm rooting for both to advance. 5 of the original 6 B1G teams making it into the round of 16 is a hell of a feat and would prove that indeed the B1G is the best conference in the nation. Some serious bragging rights could come out of a Purdue win.

Some other games to watch is the current NC State vs. Georgetown. An NC State win would make IU look even better in retrospect. UNC and Creighton take on each other this afternoon. A great story line there is two former high school teammates duking it out in Doug McDermott and Harrison Barnes. In general, the games are incredibly interesting and there will be some good basketball.