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It's Tournament time! (open thread for day games).

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Well, the day is finally here: the first day if the NCAA Tournament may be the best sports day of the year, and for the first time in too long, IU is a part of it. If you haven't yet filled out a bracket, then you still have time. Yahoo's Bracket Challenge is right here.

We all know that IU plays tonight at 9:45 (or later, depending on when the first game finishes) on CBS. As a quick reminder, all NCAA Tournament games are now broadcast nationwide on either CBS, TNT, TBS, or TruTV. In other words, it doesn't matter if you live in Indiana, California, or Maine: IU will be on CBS wherever you live. Here is a rundown of other first round games of note today (sorry, NCAA, I'm sick of you trying to confuse me--the round of 64 is and will always be "the first round"). Also, feel free to use this post as an open thread for the daytime action (I'll be opening the IU-NMSU game thread a bit early for evening commentary).

2:10: (4) Wisconsin v. (13) Montana (TNT). The only team that defeated IU twice this year is the first Big Ten team to tip off.

4:10: (5) New Mexico v. (12) Long Beach State (TBS). IU legend Steve Alford faces off against former Minnesota coach Dan Monson.

6:50: (1) Kentucky v. (16) Western Kentucky (TBS). The top ranked Wildcats, IU's likely Sweet 16 opponent if the Hoosiers get that far, face off against the Hilltoppers in Louisville.

7:15: (5) Wichita State v. (12) Virginia Commonwealth (CBS). The winner of IU-NMSU gets the winner of this game in round 2.

9:50 (TNT): (2) Ohio State v. (15) Loyola (Maryland) (TNT). The Buckeyes should have an easy time in this one, although Loyola has defeated a Big Ten team within the last couple of seasons. Can't remember which one.

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