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B1G Championship and Selection Sunday Open Thread

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The time is finally upon us. After four years of patiently waiting Indiana will officially be back in the NCAA tournament by 7pm tonight. The B1G will have six teams in the tournament including a likely one seed coming from the victor of the game today between Ohio State and Michigan State. A two seed, coming for the loser. A three seed for Michigan and two four seeds for Wisconsin and Indiana. Purdue will be the final B1G team in the tournament and will most likely see a nine seed to their name.

Indeed the strongest conference ended up eating its own young. Northwestern should have been in but their conference schedule ended up eating them alive. Minnesota was also a Trevor Mbakwe injury away from being a tournament team too. But such is life in a power conference. Things happen and no game can be taken for granted. All that is left now is to see who the conference's first round victims are. I expect every B1G team to at least make it to Saturday and Sunday before we see one or two fall.

What do you think?