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2013 Hoosier Devin Davis off to a Fast Start

Yesterday we discussed Hartman's slow start due to injury. Today we discuss a guy who did get to play in that Cathedral-Warren Central game and boy did he show.

The second early commit of the 2013 class was Warren Central Forward Devin Davis. Both Davis and Hartman committed very early in their high school careers as a part of that recruiting run of success that was so well documented here. While Hartman was stuck on the sidelines due to a concussion Devin Davis was burning it up on the court against Hartman's Irish. Davis went for 30 points and 15 rebounds against the state's top ranked team last Friday to open the season. The level of competition he did it against was thoroughly impressive even with Hartman not being available to play. Cathedral has several other college basketball talents on their roster, but it didn't deter Davis. Devin did most of his scoring around the basket as Cathedral didn't really have much of an answer for his size and agility in the paint. His handle on the ball appears to have improved over the summer and that has allowed him to get into the lane as a perimeter guy in the first place. When in the lane he's settled on a turnaround jumper from about 8 ft that has a nice soft touch on it. It works well for him but it likely won't be as effective against larger more experienced shot blockers in college. Davis also struggled pretty mightily from the free throw line in the clutch, missing 8 straight at one point. Some say that was from tired legs as he goes 100%, 100% of the time. Hopefully that's the answer to the woes. What I like most about Davis is his rebounding prowess. As an effort guy he is always around the basket on the defensive end. Even better is how much his aggression is going to fit into Crean's system. Davis is always grabbing a rebound and looking immediately to run. He has a strong handle on the dribble in traffic on the break. Enough that he shouldn't be too big of a turnover liability in the break. He will need to find a little more control though as he tries to do too much on occasion. He can get away with it now, but he won't at the next level. Overall, I can see Davis coming in and contributing depth minutes right away next year. I don't know if he has it in him to start at any point early, but he certainly can provide the role that Jeremy Hollowell is currently serving. Not asked to score a lot but rebound and play solid defense at any position. If Davis can do that next year, you have to feel pretty good about his long term future at Indiana.