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2013 Hoosier Recruit Troy Williams Will Add Options

Troy Williams is the second most recent addition to a top 5 recruiting class in 2013. His game fits a style that most Crean era Hoosier fans will recognize.

Andy Lyons

Many Hoosier fans will think Troy Williams fits right in when he gets to campus in 2013. He's a high flying athlete who plays above the rim but isn't above getting in the gym and working on improving. Tom Crean discussed the 2013 class two weeks ago and here is what he said about Williams.

"Troy was a guy that we were already a fan of, and once we got the opportunity to recruit him and see how he would fit, we couldn't have drawn it up much better. When you combine the height, when you combine the athleticism, the incredible leaping ability, the explosiveness, the ability to run end-to-end - I think we're going to be great for Troy. I think we're going to help him get much better in the half-court, in the ball screens and become a more confident shooter; but what he brings to this table when it comes to energy, edge, movement up and down the floor, ability to offensive rebound with his size, those are crucial things."

Sound familiar to you? I think that sounds an awful lot like a Will Sheehey to me. That is what probably has me excited more than anything. Think how Sheehey flourishes in this system. He's a starter on most high major teams and even though he comes off the bench he's still a top 20 scorer in the Big Ten. Now put those type of results to a more polished Troy Williams and you have the chance of a Will Sheehey type impact from day one for Troy Williams. Add in a a year or two of coaching for the nephew of legendary AAU coach Boo Williams and you could have one of the most dynamic players in the country. You should get excited just thinking about it.

Troy was also a victory in the recruiting category because of who the Hoosiers competed with to land his services. Last spring Williams had cut his list to just North Carolina and Kentucky before Tom Crean got involved and Williams reopened his recruitment. The Hoosiers were able to beat out several other programs that came calling. This is big because Tom Crean has shown us he can win the long recruiting game. With the Williams recruitment he has shown he can win the sprints as well.

In the long run, Troy Williams should be a key addition to a team that is looking to stay on top for the long term. Williams can come in immediately and replace the potential loss of Vic Oladipo as Sheehey fills into Vic's role and Troy slides right into the sixth man role. Really with the addition of Williams next year the possibilities for how to set a lineup are nearly endless. The only way I don't envy Tom Crean is how he's going to find the most efficient one with a continuing bevy of options.