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Win a free college football trip from Hyundai.

A contest set up by our valued sponsor could send you to a warm locale in January, regardless of whether IU's football team makes a similar journey.

Kevork Djansezian

This post is sponsored by Hyundai. I encourage you to read it because there is something in it for you. The purpose of this post is to solicit your comments about why you and we are such loyal, committed fans. The stereotypical college football fan is the uber-committed loyalist of a championship contending team. As Indiana fans, we're in something of a different situation. We don't have a history, either recent or long ago, of being a perennial contender, so I think that this is a case where we can stand out as a fan base. Why, after so many years of heartache, have you stuck with Indiana football? Tell us your story.

As for what is in it for you...this is a contest. The first part of the contest involves your response to this thread. Post your story, and I get to decide who wins. Once I pick the winner from our site, then there will be a second post in which you and I have a conversation about IU fandom that will be posted to the front page. Every other participating SB Nation site will do the same, and the judges will pick the best entry. And that lucky winner will get an all-expenses trip to the college football game of his or her choice. The winner should be announced by November 22 (Thanksgiving), so if the Hoosiers' crazy run to Indianapolis continues, you could be there. Always wanted to attend the Rose Bowl (with or without the Hoosiers), or the BCS title game? You can do that. And all you have to do is start the process by posting a comment in this thread by November 12, 2012. By the way, if you want to participate in the thread but don't want to participate in the contest, feel free. I'll contact the winner privately, so if you opt out no one has to know. Have fun with it, folks.

By commenting below, you are subject to and accept the terms and conditions of the Hyundai Fanthropology Sweepstakes.