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Indiana 24, Iowa 21: Hoosiers win back to back in Big Ten for first time since 2007.

Indiana overcame turnovers and a 14-0 deficit to beat Iowa.

Joe Robbins

I'm just back from Bloomington, and I'll have a more comprehensive look tomorrow. This was a very solid game. For the first time in 2012, turnovers really hurt IU, but not enough to cause the Hoosiers to lose the game against a respectable opponent. This is IU's first Big Ten winning streak since IU beat Iowa and Minnesota in 2007. It's also IU's first multi-win Big Ten season since 2007 and only the third since IU went 4-4 in conference in 2001. It was Kevin Wilson's first Big Ten home win. Oh, and did I mention that it sets up IU's most important regular season game since IU traveled to Penn State with a 7-1/4-1 record in 1993? Lots to discuss this week. For now, let's savor the win.