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Hoosier Football Lands Darius Latham

Finally after what seemed to be a never ending saga Darius Latham pulled the trigger and committed to Indiana this evening.


Darius Latham's, long expected, finally occurring commitment to IU happened this evening after he spent all afternoon in Bloomington on a campus visit with his mother. Long expected to be the key in his recruitment, Latham and IU appeared to be waiting on the nod from the matriarch. After their visit this afternoon and observance of the Indiana beat down of Ball State the decision was made. The basketball team was likely an important aspect for Latham as he will more than likely walk-on to the basketball team as well.

Latham is a 4 star defensive tackle out of Indy's North Central high school. Originally committed to Wisconsin, Latham revoked his commitment near the start of the football season and flirted with committing to Indiana several times. A real brick wall of a defensive tackle, Latham could slot himself into the starting spot of what currently looks to be the position with the most open competition for playing time. With the graduation of Adam Replogle and Larry Black Jr it truly is anyone's game for the starting spots.

Indiana will now turn its focus on completing a potential all freshman defensive line next year by adding Indianapolis defensive end, Elijah Daniel. With all the current recruiting success it doesn't actually seem all that insane that we land him as well. Despite the slide with the last three games of the year, the future still seems bright for Indiana football.