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Post Game Thread: Indiana 35 Purdue 56

Hoosiers lose the turnover battle in a competition of facepalming.


Indiana showed a lot of explosiveness on offense and ineptitude on defense. It wasn't exactly the best way to end the season but you've still gotta feel good about where the program is headed. In the end, the joke is on Purdue because they actually have to discuss a team that is likely trending in the opposite direction as they enter full rebuild by eventually firing Danny Hope.

The Hoosiers lost the turnover battle today 4-1 and that really sums up the difference in these two teams. Both looked bad and the stats are roughly equal for each team but the turnover margin was the difference. Now at the end of the 2012 season the Hoosiers go into the off-season likely struggling to find the positives of the first half of the year with the disappointments of the final 3 weeks. Hopefully they can put together a strong off-season and come out with even bigger improvements in 2013.