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Indiana 86, Indiana Wesleyan 57: Maurice Creek leads IU scorers.

The top-ranked Hoosiers overcame a sluggish first half to blowout the NAIA Wildcats.

Andy Lyons

The nation's number one team (yep, I'm riding that for as long as I can) took the court for its first and only public exhibition game last night, and eventually put away the Indiana Wesleyan Wildcats. I didn't see the game, and the IU box scoredoesn't include the usual play-by-play, so I'm flying blind here. Also, BTN's highlight require the viewing of a 15 second commercial before each individual highlight. Well done! Here are a few notes, however:

  • Will Sheehey is fine. Derek Elston is out for 6 to 8 weeks. Hanner Mosquera-Perea was out for precautionary reasons because of a leg injury he is nursing. This was not related to the lack of resolution of eligibility issues for HMP and Peter Jurkin. Jurkin played 11 minutes.
  • Maurice Creek was IU's leading scorer! Creek played only 15 minutes, but was 4-6 from the field, 2-4 from deep, and 2-2 from the line to finish with 12 points. As I mentioned before the season, if Creek is anything like what he was before his injury, then IU's depth is even better than anticipated. I did watch a couple of Creek highlights, including a layup in traffic, and he didn't look at all tentative.
  • Yogi Ferrell had a solid debut. He scored 8 points on 4-6 shooting and had 4 assists, but 4 turnovers.
  • Christian Watford had a rough shooting night: 4-10 from the field but 0-4 from three point range and 3-6 from the line.
  • IU was 32-60 from the field, but only 5-19 from three point range and 17-29 from the line.
  • My rough math says this was a 69 possession game. That gives IU 1.24 points per possession, a turnover percentage of 17, and an offensive rebounding percentage of 48. IWU scored .82 per possession, turned the ball over on 26 percent of its possessions, and had an offensive rebounding percentage of 27.

On paper, it looks like a sluggish debut. I look forward to hearing from those who were there.