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Blogpoll final, week 6.

The poll was as volatile as my ballot.

Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Here it is. Notes:

  • The poll is higher on the Oregon, South Carolina, and West Virginia than I am. I am higher on Notre Dame, Kansas State, and Mississippi State.
  • I rank Boise State and Arizona State, while the poll doesn't. The poll ranks Iowa State and Ohio while I don't.
  • What ultimately hung me up on Iowa State was that as nice as their win over TCU was, the lost at home to a one-loss Texas Tech team. I'm a believer in using head-to-head among teams with the same number of losses. It seems that lots of voters have ISU ahead of TT despite a recent head to head decider.
Also of interest today is the Hot Seat. I'm somewhat surprised that Kevin Wilson even garners a mention, given how early he is in his tenure. As Travis noted in the comments, it's hard to believe that Danny Hope isn't mentioned. I don't think Wilson can possibly coach his way out of a job this year, even if he doesn't win another game. Hope could.