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Michigan State 31, Indiana 27: Hoosiers can't hold on.

Well, I think we all saw this one coming from a mile away, right? For the first three quarters it felt as if IU was one more score from really putting the Spartans in trouble.

Mark A. Cunningham - Getty Images

Unfortunately, the Hoosier offense, which looked so good in the first half, stagnated completely in the second half. I suppose some will wonder if Wilson should have gone with Sudfeld in the second half. I don't know. This was a good defense, and I think those who claim that there were easy answers aren't reckoning with the reality that the first half was the anomaly for Michigan State's defense, not the second half.

This was a missed opportunity, but another indication that the Hoosiers aren't going to be an easy out this year. On to next week and Ohio State. A more detailed look at the game tomorrow.

Of course, this loss wasn't the officials' fault. But what in the world happened on MSU's final punt return? First, it appeared to me that there was an anticipatory whistle that might well have nullified an IU recovery. Second, I thought IU had it. Third, what in the world did Ted Bolser do? I saw one IU player take what I would call a "swipe" in the general direction of an MSU player that I suppose a really lame official could have construed as a punch, but I saw nothing from Bolser. Nothing. Unless he did something really awful in the pile, that's a tough one to swallow.