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Indiana 31, Illinois 17: Hoosiers ruin Illini homecoming with first Big Ten win since 2010.

The Hoosiers let the Illini stick around, but ultimately finished the game after a season of close calls.


That's it, folks. I'm going gloom-and-doom for the rest of the season. As soon as I bailed on the Hoosiers mentally, they played a complete game. The Illini are bad, bad, bad, but for the first time this season IU made a lead stick in a close game against an FBS foe.

Congrats to Coach Wilson on his first Big Ten win. Congrats for the team for being in a better place mentally than I was. And oh, by the way, if this afternoon's scores hold up (Wisconsin over MSU, Minnesota over Purdue), that will leave IU and Wisconsin as the only schools mathematically eligible for the trip to Indianapolis as Leaders Division representative. I don't expect that to happen, but in a crazy Big Ten, it would be foolish to ignore it.