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Hoosier Football Continues Hot Recruiting Streak

You can call Kevin Wilson butter, because he's on a roll. The Hoosiers picked up three big commits in the last week as David Kenney as expected pulled the trigger, along with 4 star Athlete Rashard Fant out of Georgia and IU legacy Clyde Newton from Florida. These three up the committed in 2013 to 13 guys. IU will be looking to ink about 20 in this class.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The hot streak in recruiting that Kevin Wilson is on is unprecedented for IU football at least. It sounds crazy to say but Kevin Wilson actually has more 4 star recruits for the 2013 class than Tom Crean does. Most of the big impact guys come on the defensive side of the ball too. Which is obviously where the Hoosiers need the most help from both a talent and depth standpoint.

David Kenney was expected to commit last weekend after his trip to Hoosier Hysteria and the constant dropping of hints on Twitter. He finally did so on Sunday afternoon. Kenney, a 4 star DE from Pike, should immediately be able to add to a near non-existent pass rush in 2013. Perhaps the position that is in most dire need of upgrading David can provide that. Now I'm not certain that he is an instant impact guy but he can step in as a true freshman and be able to up the level of play we see currently. The Hoosier pass rush may still be two years or so away but if Kenney can get friend and Clemson commit Elijah Daniel to turn his allegiance as well the two of them could make a huge impact on each side of the line as freshmen.

Rashard Fant was a commit that was somewhat out of left field. IU was certainly putting the full court press on him but him being an out of stater made it a bit tougher to get a read on his recruitment as well as relevant updates. Matt Weaver of has been excellent in this sense but even he can only do so much from several hundred miles away. That's why it was a bit of surprise on Thursday when word came through that the 4 star athlete had committed to Indiana. Fant is super athletic and will likely see time at Indiana as a DB. He's only 5'10" but his speed and athleticism will give him plenty of ability in coverage. Indiana beat out the likes of Florida State on his commitment so though IU has the verbal they're still going to have to work hard to keep him through signing day.

The final member of the most recent commitments is Clyde Newton out of Florida. The younger brother of Leonard Bryant (IU DB from 2001-2005) isn't as touted as the other recent commits but he plays the perfect style for OLB in the Hoosiers defense. I don't know a whole lot more than that about him as he is an out of stater and not heavily recruited. He did hold an offer from Iowa State and received looks from Miami and South Florida if that tells you anything.

Kevin Wilson now turns his focus to keeping momentum and getting commits from 4 star DT Darius Latham as well as trying to flip a few other key Indianapolis area prospects. The snowflake has turned into a rather large snowball now, let's see if he can make it a full on avalanche. That certainly is possible as there are still a few Indy area 4 stars thinking about staying home to be a Hoosier.