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Derek Elston suffers knee injury, will miss time.

IU frontcourt reserve Derek Elston will miss as many as eight weeks after suffering a torn meniscus.

Andy Lyons

While the IU program is surrounded by optimism lately, the latest news makes clear how these things can change. According to multiple sources, Derek Elston will miss up to eight weeks after surgery on a torn meniscus. Certainly, this isn't the sort of news that will lead to a radical adjustment of preseason expectations. Elston was a solid presence off the bench last year, and he is versatile in that he can play inside but is also a good three point shooter. Still, he played only 12 minutes a game last season. This would appear to put a bit more pressure on younger frontcourt reserves such as Peter Jurkin and Hanner Mosquera-Perea. Still, if all goes to plan Elston will be back in time for Big Ten play, and hopefully sooner.