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SB Nation Blogpoll ballot, week 8.

Here's my take on the top 25 for the final weekend in October.

Chris Trotman

I was out of town last week so I did not have the opportunity to submit a ballot. This week, however, I am on board and because of the two week layoff and a number of changes up top, I started from scratch, without looking at my prior ballot. Without further ado:

I welcome any and all opinion on this one. A few random thoughts:

  • Yes, I dropped Alabama to third. I think Florida's body of work justifies putting them where they are. Also, Kansas State gets the move to #2 because of their two excellent road wins over Oklahoma and West Virginia.
  • I feel like a bit of a homer with four Big Ten teams in the poll, but I thought the low-end Big Ten teams were the best candidates for those slots.
That's really about it. More when the poll itself is released on Tuesday.