It's IU Dance Marathon season!

Dear Crimson Quarrymen and Quarrywomen,

I am currently an IU senior, and this year I am participating in IU Dance Marathon for the 2nd time. In case you are unaware of what this philanthropy is, all money raised goes to Riley Hospital for Children (more specifically, to help fight infectious diseases). It is definitely the most famous charitable event on campus. We are trying to break the $2 million mark this year! As an operations committee member, it is my personal goal to raise $1,000 by October 19th. I would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to read this and maybe even help me out by donating. 100% of your money will go to Riley Hospital. Simply go to this link : and click on the "Support Me" button. Thank you all for your consideration. Go Hoosiers and FTK!

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