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Nebraska 70, Indiana 69: collapse.

This seemed like a very loseable game going in, but IU, despite what are becoming the usual failings on perimeter defense and the boards and in turnovers, IU led by 11 with 6 minutes remaining against a Nebraska team that was 1-5 in the Big Ten. A team that went toe to toe with Kentucky and Ohio State fell apart down the stretch, especially on defense. Nebraska scored 18 points in the second half, and on two free throws at the end, took its first lead since early in the first half and won after a really ugly last possession by IU.

The points made in the game thread are well-taken. We would have taken 15-4/3-4 at this point. We still might make the NCAA Tournament, which we would have taken sight unseen at the beginning of the season. Still, it's very hard to stomach giving away a Big Ten road win when IU led for 36 minutes. This would have been true in 1986-87, and it would have been true in 2008-09. We had this one, and regardless of, or perhaps really because of, this team's flaws, we needed it, and let it slip away with poor shot selection, turnovers, poor rebound position, and missed free throws at the worst time. It's not the end of the world or the end of the season, but it's tough to stomach after a strong start to the season.