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Derek Willis to decide on Friday: Kentucky, Louisville, Indiana, or Purdue?

Kentucky high school star Derek Willis will make his college choice this week, and perhaps it will be permanent this time. Wills, a top 30-ish prospect made waves when he committed to Purdue during his sophomore season, but he ultimately decommitted, although the Boilermakers continue to recruit him. His current list includes IU, Purdue, Louisville, and Kentucky. Jeff Washburn of the Lafayette Journal-Courier thinks that the venue, Willis's own high school in suburban Louisville, suggests that UK or UL will be the choice. Washburn, who apparently moonlights as a psychologist, knows that Willis would be best-off at Purdue, of course. In any event, however, his logic is sound. As Washburn points out, the venue and the timing (10 months before signing day) suggest that he will stay in-state. If he goal is to end the process and limit attention, choosing IU or Purdue would increase the volume from his community and classmates, not decrease it.