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Blogpoll final ballot.

Here it is:

Discussion below.

Like everyone else outside Dixie, I was not particularly enamored of the SEC vs. SEC matchup for the BCS title. I wouldn't be opposed to a rule limiting the title game to conference champions, or finding a way to disfavor regular season rematches. But the rules are what they are, and as I said in posting my final regular season ballot, LSU and Alabama had the two best regular season resumes and therefore deserved to play in the title game, despite the coincidence that they are from the same division. That's not to say that I went into last night's game determined to give my number one vote to the winner. LSU won the regular season game 9-6 in overtime on Alabama's home field. Had Alabama won in similar fashion last night on a neutral field, I would have given serious consideration to voting LSU, because LSU's road win would have been more impressive than Alabama's neutral field win, and head-to-head would have been a wash. As it happened, the dominant performance by Alabama made my final vote a pretty easy decision. There is a lot of talk about Oklahoma State, but even assuming roughly equivalent accomplishment in the win column, the fact remains that Oklahoma State lost to 6-7 Iowa State, while LSU and Alabama each handed the other its only loss. There simply isn't a compelling argument for taking the position that Oklahoma State has a better resume than either of the SEC teams, and I feel obligated to use my BlogPoll vote to rank the teams in order of accomplishment, not as a soapbox about how college football should be reorganized. The teams played this season under the rules that exist, and deserve a fair vote based on those rules.

I have to admit that I don't have strong feelings about the rankings on the final ballot other than at the top. If anyone sees any obvious howlers below the top 5, let me know.