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Hoosier Basketball Player Profiles: Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore - Senior
Carmel High School, Carmel, IN
5’10" 175 lbs.

Daniel Moore started his collegiate career as a walk-on at Indiana in 2008. A student who came in to play when IU was at it’s bare bones of a roster, a lot of respect has to go to Moore and his effort he’s put forth for a non-scholarship player. That is until last year when he finally earned that extra scholarship that was banked for this season.

A 2008 graduate of Carmel High School, Moore was a good student athlete coming out of high school but never had any big time offers. His senior year he made first-team All State, Hamilton County Player of the Year and was also a first-team All-State soccer player. So he knows what it takes to be successful. As a freshman he played in all 31 games and started several times through that year. In his sophomore season his games were cut to 28, but he was still a guy leaned on relatively heavily to handle the ball in tough situations.

Last year in his scholarship season he made 27 appearances but only managed 6.5 minutes on average. Scoring 1.2 points a game last year and 1.7 for his career he isn’t a scoring threat when he’s on the floor but he is one of those guys that offers something that will never show up in the game logs. He does something well that most of the rest of the team hasn’t proven they can do yet, guard the point. Moore is a scrapper and battles hard every minute he is in the game. I expect that trend to continue.

His expectations for this season are a little less than last year because of a similar effort player that is more talented coming to the team in Remy Abell. Expect Moore’s minutes per game to drop below 5 if Abell can prove that he can hang in the college game. Unless Moore improves himself as a scoring threat to go with a pretty decent passing game (106 career assists) Abell can provide everything Moore has.

The best thing that Moore can do to improve this team and leave his mark on the future of the program is to take Abell under his wing and show him the ropes. I have no doubt that mentally Moore is baller. Unfortunately his physical limitations slow him down. Put his mind in an athlete like Abell and you have yourself a force on both ends of the ball. Expectations for Moore are for him to combine with Abell to be those very hard 10-12 minutes a game to reek havoc in the opponents back court.