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SB Nation Blogpoll ballot week 5.

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It's that time of the week again.  See below the fold for my Blogpoll draft ballot for week 5 and my rationale.


Obviously, I am happy with how I had the top 3 ranked.  All three posted solid wins this week.  We are approaching resume uber alles territory on the calendar, so Clemson and Oklahoma State did some leapfrogging of other undefeated teams.  This is where people will get mad at me for dissing Boise.  The neutral field win over Georgia simply isn't that impressive, and I'm not going to rate Boise on games they might have won had they scheduled tougher non-conference games.  They likely will move up as teams ahead of them lose. 

Am I comfortable with South Florida/Illinois/Baylor/Michigan as the 15/16/17/18 teams in the country?  Hell, no, but I'm also to the point where I am ranking based on accomplishment, and I can't really put any of the one-loss teams behind them ahead. 

As always, input is requested.