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Virginia 34, Indiana 31: Hoosiers overcome 20 point deficit but can't hold on.

This one will sting for a while.  IU looked to be buried when down 23-3, but IU scored 28 unanswered points to take a 28-23 lead.  Unfortunately, Virginia mounted an excellent drive and then tied the game on a two-point conversion, and Edward Wright-Baker fumbled and allowed UVa to win the game on a field goal as time expired.  This was IU's best comeback in over a decade, but this isn't a moral victory.  Virginia went 4-8 last season and 1-7 in the ACC, so this was a game that IU needed to win once the Hoosiers took the lead in the fourth quarter.

I suppose the big controversy will be IU's decision to try to put itself in field goal position instead of playing for overtime.  I haven't fully digested the issue, but I think it's defensible either way.  I would guess that with Virginia's deep stable of running backs and with the way UVa's offense and IU's defense looked on the last drive, Wilson felt better about Mitch Ewald's leg than he felt about IU's defense.  I'll let him state his case.