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Expanding the roster, part 2.

Longtime readers know that this blog was a solo endeavor from the time I started the Hoosier Report in early 2007 until late last basketball season, when I added JustAJ to the masthead.  I'm sure all of you would agree that AJ has been a very good addition to the site.  It was disorienting, at first, to see content at "my" site that I didn't create, but some of the most-read and most-commented posts of the last six months have come from AJ.  Having already made the decision to make this site a group effort, it was relatively easier for me this time to decide to invite Devin, who has been blogging at College Basketball Chronotope, f/k/a Hoosier Funball, to join the proceedings.    Devin will, of course, be contributing to the coverage of football and basketball, but he also will be exapanding the site into coverage of IU soccer.  The six- [thanks for the correction below] seven-time NCAA champs, now led by Todd Yeagley, son of the legendary Jerry Yeagley, have a significant following, enough to make it a quasi-major sport at IU, but I have had neither the time nor the soccer knowledge to say much about the team.  Devin also is, like me, a big fan of tempo-free stats, and expect us to have some fun with that when basketball season rolls around. 

I'll let Devin introduce himself to you:


Hello! I was Hoosier born and raised, grew up on a farm outside of Bloomington and even hung out in some quarries as a kid. I went to IU and graduated in '96, moved to the Chicago a couple of years later where I eventually became a fan of being wonkish about Big Ten basketball. I still live in the Chicagoland area, and while I have more recent degrees from Illinois and Northwestern, my collegiate sports devotion will always be to the Cream & Crimson.
I started at Indiana University in the Fall of 1992, and my freshmen year Calbert Cheaney, Alan Henderson, Greg Graham and Damon Bailey showed the nation that they were the best team in the country, sweeping Michigan's much-vaunted Fab 5. However, Henderson went down with a knee injury and despite a brave performance from the rest of the team to secure the Big Ten championship and reach the Elite Eight, that was really the end of the last dominant Hoosier team. During my years there, I watched Trent Green (never thought he'd be a NFL player, let alone a starter) play and then Bill Mallory had Hoosier football at a surprisingly tough level for a couple of years, possibly costing PSU a national championship. However, my real "going to the game" passion was seeing some of the great Jerry Yeagley soccer teams at Bill Armstrong stadium. I still remember always rooting for the subs to maintain a shut-out so I could run out and cash in my free bagel coupon immediately after the game. Although neither Yeagley nor Knight won a national championship while I was a student there, the excellence of play and close calls in both soccer & basketball really honed my Hoosier loyalty. I am very flattered and pleased that John has asked me to contribute to Crimson Quarry. I look forward to discussing everything Hoosier sports-related with you all.

Welcome aboard, Devin!  I didn't know that I was getting a fellow Class of 96-er.