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Help Draw The Battle Lines


Since last night I have been putting a lot of thought into the borders of Indiana. I did a rough paint job on the state of Indiana to draw the divisions of the state into collegiate allegiances. It turns out that is quite a task to undertake in the roughly 10 minutes that I had done it. Instead of just my opinion, biases and guesses, this is going to be a project in a more accurate topography of the college allegiances in the state of Indiana. So here is the plan. We are going to go county by county to decide on where their allegiances lie. IU counties will get crimson. Purdue counties gold. Notre Dame navy. Butler silver. If there is enough of a dispute over a county we will color it a combination of the disputed schools. Purdue and IU will get orange, IU and Notre Dame purple and so on and so forth. So please help us out, if you can vouche for a county (preferably one you have lived in or near for an extended period of time) post your thoughts in the comments. The hope is that we can cover all 92 counties on this map.