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2011 Indiana Men's Soccer Roster walkthrough

Of course, this is just my extrapolation upon the official roster at IU's website. Midfielders, Defenders, Goalkeepers, and the Bench players are all to be found under the jump.


#8 Nikita Kotlov, 5-9, 160: I would expect Kotlov to be the next scoring star- probably can't replace Will Bruin as a target & hold striker, but should be as deadly on counterattacks or from run of play. Don't be surprised if as a sophomore his scoring numbers double or even triple.
#9 Alec Purdie, 5-10, 145: Senior scrapper with wheels and touch, but shot accuracy has left a bit to be desired - case in point, had a PK blocked against Duke. Classic example of Jerry Yeagley's "piano-handler" forward a la Scott Merritt, but has a bit of a short fuse for the role. Looks like he's getting slotted on the wing now. No way he's a mere 145 pounds, tho.
#12 Joe Tolen, 5-9, 160: Not particularly big or fast, but has nice finishing strikes from 20 yards and in. A hard worker who can make the defense pay. He or Purdie may come off the bench, but overall I think they'll both get starting minutes. Should see a solid increase in scoring as well.
#2 Eriq Zavaleta, 6-1, 185 : Another All-American freshman who seems to have the skills to start, but struggled a bit to create shots as the sole striker in the exhibition games and against Notre Dame. He was primarily considered a defender out of high school, though, so who knows where he finally ends up?


#7 Harrison Petts, 5-11, 160: Petts was a frosh dyanmo on the wing, but I think he probably moves into a more central role this season. Should be the best overall player on the Hoosiers for the next three years.
#17 Jacob Bushue, 5-11, 155: The surprise of last season's freshmen class. Bushue is a ferocious defender, but a lousy passer. Should be a season-long starter at defensive midfield, but his development at ball control and passing might key the Hoosiers' success or failure in 2011.
#10 AJ Corrado, 5-10, 149: Transfer for SMU, who played with the Hoosiers during the spring season. Likely be a starter from day one, but has a surprisingly slender build.
#5 Jack Coleman, 5-10, 165: Coleman was one of the only two freshmen that I was certain of having a starting position throughout the season - I just don't know where, but central or offensive midfield seems a good bet. Sweeper may be a possibility, too.


#6 Chris Estridge, 5-11, 160: This senior can play multiple positions and play them well, but probably takes over Daniel Kelly & Kevin Alston's old role as defender/flanking wing threat. Had the lowest Shot On Goal percentage of any non-back last season before finally being shifted to the defense.
#20 Tommy Meyer, 6-2, 175: Throughout his career as a four-year starter, Meyer's been not exactly revelatory, but overall a solid defender. Somewhat surprisingly, was second-team All-Big Ten last season. While I would've taken him over Rich Balchan, I'm slightly surprised the voters did.
#22 Caleb Konstanski, 6-0, 180: In the games I saw last season, CK was pretty close to being a lock-down defender as a sophomore and really quite unlucky not to score several goals with his head. Look for him to finish better this season.
#15 Jamie Vollmer, 5-7, 145: Transfer from a good program who was in the playing rotation for the Butler Bulldogs. I was surprised that he got major minutes in the exhibition games, but I saw his name involved with a lot of the goal-scoring opportunities.


#1 Luis Soffner, 6-4, 210: Has the build and athleticism to be a star, but as he doesn't possess shot-blocker's instincts, so he has to break plays up before they develop. If he remains inconsistent, his job is in serious jeopardy.

Bench rotation:

#24 Matt McKain (D) 5-10, 150: A sub last season, but looked able to hold his own. Among the former bench-riders of sophomore class, I thought him the most likely to secure a regular starting spot on the backline.
#13 Tim Wylie (F), 6-2, 180: Had a nice game-winning strike against Notre Dame in the spring, so maybe his game is coming together at the right time? Hasn't registered much early this season, though.
#14 Blake Wise (F), 5-8, 158: Was a high-octane scoring machine as a prep player, but didn't show much in limited time as a freshman. Was a bit of a surprise starter in the exhibition games.
#16 Tyler McCarroll (M), 6-1, 183: Looked pretty fast for a big guy in limited action last season, and certainly could develop into a solid starter. I think I still see him coming off the bench. (Also, like Wise & Corrado, he has an oddly specific weight listed)
# 11 Aris Zafeiratos (M), 5-5, 130: A Juco second team All-American, look for Zafeiratos to get quality minutes even if he doesn't have a starting spot. Might be experienced enough to hold down the central midfield if Petts or Coleman isn't suited for the role.
#23 Kerel Bradford (M), 5-8, 160: Redshift freshman who may be creative enough to get starting minutes on the wing. I suspect with Corrado & Zafeiratos on board, Yeagley eases Bradford into the rotation experimentally, unless Bradford's clearly superior to the other options.
#0 Nate Mitchell (GK) 6-3, 190: Good shot-blocker, but just not consistent enough to be a starter. Still, if any game went to PKs, I'd take Mitchell over Soffner.
# 32 Michael Soderlund (GK), 6-2, 180: The most intriguing and aggressive option of the Goalkeepers in the exhibition games. As a true freshman, he may not be pressed into gameplay unless Mitchell & Soffner are really not up to the task. Still, quite possibly the future for the Hoosiers between the pipes.

No expectations (any contributions are just gravy):

#18 Nick Blevins (M), 5-10, 175: A high school phenom whose playing time decreased last season. Was an academic star, so maybe he's just a Ben Lonergan type - a talented practice player, but doesn't have a niche on this team and doesn't get PT as a result.
#19 Patrick Doody (M), 6-0, 160: An intriguing tall midfield talent who may be similar to Eric Alexander or Chris Klein - but that profile also suggests a year or two of a learning curve for this frosh.
#3 Lance Davis (D/M), 5-11, 170: Of the freshmen, I thought Davis might've been the second or third most likely to get a starting nod, which I would suspect is only in the event that Bushue doesn't improve. Davis didn't play in the exhibitions, so he may be looking at a redshirt season.
#4 Chris Haffner (D) 6-0, 180: Didn't seem terrible off the pine, but got victimized once or twice in limited action. Likely to remain a sub.
#30 Dylan Lax, 6-0, 165 (M) Redshirt freshman
#21 Kyle Sparks, 5-8, 155 (F) Freshman
#33 Sean Weidman, 6-0 (GK) Freshman